Gor-Csa Comanche
(Hch. Triomfante van Monte Di Angeli - Guinness Ezra)
15.10.1999 - 01.11.2010

2x Very promissing 1,
II. Best Hunting dog by FEHOVA (Hunting exposition) on 2009

Hch. Triomfante van Monte Di Angeli
Nimrod-Ok v Monte di Angeli
Orvill Only v Huize Contessa
LuxCh. Jason v Forsthasu Hattlich
Fara Fire v Huize Comtessa
Uprise Timid V Huize Contessa
Level Kingswood V Huize Comtessa
Cream Bird V Huize Comtessa
Timadon Blue
Timadon Thorn Bird
ShCh. Timadon Brigadoon
Sunstone Sunday Dawn of Timadon
Timadon Islays Moss
Shch. Timadon Briar
Islay of Timadon
Guinness Ezra
Dark Dynamite v Huize Winorcado
LuxCh. Astrix V Huize Winorcado
Orka Only v Huize Contessa
Nice Moonbeam V Huize Contessa
Happy Image From Fire's Sons Garden
ShCh. Scottish Boozer from Highfield
Bouchka Fro Fire's Sons Garden
Stina v Eixelberg
Black Devil's Quincy
King V Eixelberg
VdhCh. Black Devil's Ikara
Memory v Eixelberg
VdhCh. Blackberry Duke
VdhCh. Bonnie v Eixelberg