On 25 July were born our promissing litter (4 wonderful boys) from our Arwen and Lego.
We belive that all of them take after parents excellent exterior and great passion for hunting.
All responsible lovers of the breed are welcome! Reservation of 2 male puppies is still possible :)

Info: Piroska
Phone: +36-30/871-2625 or by E-mail:stirlingbridgekennel@gmail.com

Ch. Laurelhach Legend "Lego"
Laurelhach Moviestar
Shch. Liric Dance with Me of Shillay
ShCh. Cromasaig Drams Demenour of Girvana
ShCh. Drumdaroch Jazz Dancer with Liric
Laurelhach Continue A Story
ShCh. Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar
Shch.Laurelhach Forget-Me-Not
AustCh. Triseter Ebonie Zena with Laurelhach
AustCh. Brodruggan Black Knight
AustCh., AmCh. Triseter Ebonie Nirvana
AustCh. Tahtan Black Magic
AustCh. Triseter Ebonie Page
AustCh. Triseter Ebonie Dude
Triseter Ebonie Kirrie
Ch. Stirling Bridge Arwen
Hch. Nice Ryver Boby
MultiCh. Lourdace
Shch. Carek Dark Command
ShCh. Lourdace Bridoon
Guinness Honeybee
Dark Dynamite V. Huize Winorcado
Guinness Brina
Gor-Csa Igrain
Hch. Triomfante van Monte di Angeli
Nimrod-Ok v Monte di Angeli
Timadon Blue Bell
Hch. Rosentaller Arszlán of Gor-Csa
Hch. Sunflower van Monte di Angeli